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Hunting Preserves
Michigan’s game bird hunting preserves are preserving 72,032 acres of open space and farmland with the highest quality of wild game habitat. This habitat not only provides food and cover for game birds, it is used by all species of wildlife. We provide a source of habitat that helps relieve crop damage of local farmers. Game Bird Hunting Preserves provide high quality birds in appearance and performance. They offer excellent bird hunting areas of sufficient size, with challenging cover to assure fair chase hunts for free ranging birds. Most preserves offer experienced guides with will trained hunting dogs for your convenience, or you may use your own hunting dogs.Hunting preserves prices vary depending on the facilities and services afforded. Some are open to the public by appointment; others are open to the public by membership only. You need to shop around for the preserve that fits your taste and needs. Whether a new or seasoned hunter looking for those memorable days of fellowship, wanting to tune hunting dog or a business group planning an outing, a preserve has something to offer you. To gain more information about a particular preserve; click on preserves, click on highlighted business name to go directly to their website.
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Hunting Preserve Seasons
August 15 through April 30 - Non game species can be hunted anytime All persons (resident or non-resident) hunting on a licensed preserve beginning March 1, 2014 will no longer required a small game or preserve hunting license. There are no daily bag limits for birds, both male and females of all species released may be harvested and hunters orange is required. This applies to all licensed game bird hunting preserves whether open to the public or private use.